Adam Hennessey

Hennessey is a very British painter, his small and joyful canvasses and works on paper examine and extend a certain kind of Britishness both in terms of how they are painted and in terms of the wry humour they display. Influenced by the colour palette of Prunella Clough, Ivon Hitchens and Paul Nash, these paintings share a fascination with mark-making and a creamy brushstroke that gives a beautiful and rich surface to the works.

Marcus Harvey observes “Adam Hennessey utterly embodies the essence of what the Turps painting programme is about, the total immersion in painting practice and intense dialogue with fellow painters”.

His compositions also make a nod to Philip Guston, his shapes are blocky with an almost cartoon-like character and are playfully arranged in transitional spaces, part landscape, part surface and part fantasy. Hennessey describes himself as “squishing large things into tight spaces”. ‘SMILE’ is a painting that takes its inspiration from this idea. Here, a group of smiley face symbols are squished onto the canvas pushing smiles around, and altering their expressions.

His titles and the relationship between them and his images have also led to comparisons between Adam Hennessey and David Shrigley. In “Eggy” a fried egg is sliding down the canvas across what appears to be some abstracted potato waffles. In “Seagulls” a group of birds peer through the hexagons of a football, and in “Man Hole Cover” a group of five elongated highly coloured index fingers stretch across the picture plane.

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Lives and works in London

Turps Banana Painting Programme 2014 - 2015
BA(Hons) Fine Art Painting University of Brighton

London Art Fair 2017

Solo Exhibitions:
2017: SMILE, New Art Projects, London

Group Exhibitions:
2016: Egg Blossom, Wilton Way Cafe, London
2016: Turps Summer Mix, Turps Gallery, London
2016: Summer Salon, Lubomirov/Angus-Hughes, London
2016: Shuffle, Herrick Gallery, London
2016: Oriel Davies Open, Oriel Davies Gallery, Wales
2015: Darbyshire Prize for Emerging Art, Darbyshire, London
2015: Turps Goes West, Edel Assanti, London
2015: Currently, Barbican Arts Trust Project Space, London
2015: Creekside Open: selected by Lisa Milroy, APT Gallery, London

2016: Shortlisted for WW Solo Award
2015: The Darbyshire Prize for Emerging Art

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