Fergus Hare Cosmic Matters

Sat 09 Sep 2017 14:00 - 18:00

This exhibition at the Northouse gallery Manningtree, brings together exceptional landscape paintings and studies of the cosmos. These works explore the age old question of where we place ourselves upon earth or within the wider universe.

“Fergus Hare can without a doubt be seen in a tradition of Great British landscape painting, bringing the genre into the 21st century while referencing and drawing inspiration from the past and future. He meticulously observes each chosen location, but looks at it with an artist’s eyes, taking some elements away, simplifying others. The narrative and visual power of his work lies in the depiction of natural light, atmospheric conditions and cloud formations. There is a language in the sky, and Fergus paints it, giving us the essence of landscape.”

Alexandra Loske 2015








Some Places Still Remain ,2017, oil on board, 30 x 40cms

The Dish at Joderell Bank, 2016, charcoal, 58 x 76 cms

Rockface, Snowdonia, 2016, watercolour 58 x 76cms

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