Hedley Roberts wins Major Expositivo Residency Award MADRID

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In Madrid, on 21 February 2017

Winners of the 1st International Call for Residencies for Artists and Curators Espositivo 7B

In this edition, the jury composed by Ivan Chiccetti, Cintia Ramirez, Alejandro Marote, Gonzalo Borondo, Federico Claverino, Joaquín Jara and Ignacio Estudillo met last February 20, 2017 and among the almost 300 aspirants have selected the following artists to make their residence in Madrid:


1. Myles Bennett – From the 1st to the 25th of June
2. Fabián Treiber – From June 25 to July 20
3. Juan Dios de Morenilla – From 7 July to 2 August
4. Rijnder Kamerbeek – From July 20 to August 14
5. Jimena Chávez – August 1st to 25th
6. Hedley Roberts – August 2nd to 27th