James E Crowther

“Gabba Gabba Hey… We accept you, we accept you. One of us, one of us, welcome to the Circus!”
Tod Browning’s, 1932, pre-censure Hollywood, movie Freaks

James E Crowther has carved an extraordinary series of figures from MDF, the choice of material for the coffin the maker. These are then meticulously hand painted and each are unique, having their own individual story. These figures are his Pinocchios, life is breathed into them and as they multiplied in his studio they began to create a visual noise.

He has created a modern day freak-show, a sideshow that grew into a celebration. It is a celebration not just of our shabby imperfection, our humanity but also of our shadow-side and weaknesses. Through out the narrative his characters create a burlesque undercurrent detailing the lives of the sideshow performers.

James E. Crowther 'Self portrait'

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1993-96 Brighton University (BA Hons, Fine Art Painting)

Solo Exhibitions:

2012 'Bear Facts’ Ingo Fincke Gallery, London.

2000-2011 Ingo Fincke Gallery, London

1998 Heroes and Allies, Start Gallery Brighton

Group Exhibitions:

2012 Fairfax Gallery, Tunbridge Wells

2009 Discerning eye, Mall galleries London

2006 National Portrait Gallery 150th anniversary

2004 National Portrait Gallery Bp Portrait Prize (catalogue cover)

1999 Not the turner prize, Mall Galleries


500 Portraits - published NPG author Sandy Nairne 2011

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