Mat Humphrey

Mat Humphrey describes his work as an attempt to bring together in harmony elements of naturally occurring patterns or structures, and man-made ones. Drawing from a diverse range influences, from urchin shells, whale skin, sand ripples, to galaxy formations, city lights and aboriginal paintings, he creates black and white paintings that he hopes capture something of the infinite. There is a sense of isolation and connection that runs throughout this series of works.

His work is now held in worldwide collections including those of Bryan Adams, Damon Albarn, Simon Fuller, Roland Mouret, Suzette Field and Viktor Wynd

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'Opening' - July 2015 - Herrick Gallery
'Dive' - 2014 - Herrick Gallery
'Postcards From The Deep' - September 2013 to 2016 - Great Eastern Wall Gallery, London
'New work' - March 2013 - Maneros, London
'…and the dark waters covered the Earth' - February 2011 - Viktor Wynd Fine Art, London
'Blood and Saltwater II' - November 2009 - Viktor Wynd Fine Art, London
'A River Runs Through it' - July 2009 - Art Depoo, Estonia
'Blood and Saltwater' - April 2009 - The Working Rooms, London

'Shuffle' - July 2016 - Herrick Gallery, London
'New Work' - January 2016, The Natural Philosopher, London
''Queer Postsexual" - March 2016 - Rose Lipmann, London
'New Work' - June 2014 - Century, London
'Plate' - June 2012 - Herrick Gallery, London
'Flesh Reality' - May 2013 - Point Zero, London
'Project Ocean' - June 2012 - Selfridges - curated by Gavin and Deborah Turk
'The Bones of my Hand' - April 2014 - Viktor Wynd Fine Arts
'Hackney Hoard' - August 2011 - Galerie8 - curated by Adam Dant
'Ghosts of Birds Gone' - November 2011 - Rochelle School - curated by Ceri Levy
'Glitterbug' - December 2011 - Viktor Wynd Fine Art

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