Sat 19 Nov 2016 - Sun 20 Nov 2016


This is a call for participants. Sit for 15 minutes have your flower portrait drawn.

During the Exhibition -Wreath – Zachari Logan will be in the gallery from 12-5 Saturday and Sunday NEXT weekend the 19th and 20th November and would like 49 LGBTI people to come and sit for him, each holding a single flower.  Zachari will draw the flower as it is held by the sitter, as a portrait of the person holding it. The 49 drawings will then make a bouquet of 49 flowers in memorial to the people killed in the Orlando Massacre. These drawings will then be shown at New Art Projects and sold to benefit the families of the victims.
On June 25th 2016, Zachari Logan completed this drawing performance, in conjunction with Nuit Rose, Toronto’s Queer Arts Festival and his exhibition Forgotten Selves at Paul Petro Contemporary Art. Members of the public were invited to select a cut flower and sit with Zachari Logan for a fifteen-minute portrait-drawing session. Logan drew the flower as a portrait of the bearer. Logan’s goal to produce forty-nine drawings to commemorate the lives of those lost in the Orlando/ PULSE tragedy. These drawings were made available to the public for purchase with proceeds benefiting an Orlando charity. Zachari Logan will restage this performance.

Many thanks to those that took part.  The corresponding numbers are matched with a drawing of a flower that was made into the final wreath piece and is now on display in the gallery.

  1. Robin Footitt
  2. Hanno Erik Hinklebein
  3. Erin Lawler
  4. Daniel Tyninski
  5. Pauline Taylor
  6. Novak Ivanovic
  7. Klaus Breuker
  8. Jason Malloy
  9. Andrew Bryat
  10. John Barton
  11. Keefe Wagstaff
  12. Sitron
  13. James Bonnor
  14. Kadie Salmon
  15. Debianne O’Donnovan
  16. Ruth Craven
  17. Julia Casson
  18. Jason Love
  19. Manfredi della Gherardesca
  20. Jo Hutchinson
  21. Aron Ellis
  22. Tim Hutchinson
  23. Rory Boyle
  24. blank name
  25. blank name
  26. blank name
  27. Catherine Mann
  28. Anthony Pickersgill
  29. Michael White
  30. Cosimo Matteini
  31. Allesandro Paiano 32-49 are blank names


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