New Art Projects

Concrete Fictions

Thu 27 Aug 2015 - Sun 04 Oct 2015

Fred Mann is delighted to announce the second exhibition at his new gallery, New Art Projects.

Concrete Fictions will be made up of 4 solo shows by contemporary artists Ricardo Alcaide, Jessie Makinson, Ayo & Oni Oshodi and Kadie Salmon.

Each artist has a different nationality and background. Each has a very different practice; their media include photography, painting, sculpture and performance. However they share an interest in the construction of scenarios that reveal a narrative. Through assembling images, often using different kinds of visual and material collage, each artist generates a concrete fiction.

Ricardo Alcaide
Ricardo Alcaide makes deceptively simple models and photography, referencing urban and dystopian living environments and architecture. His work creates a critique about the made environment and our personal place within it.

Jessie Makinson
Jessie Makinson paints multi-layered scenarios, broken up by iconography, figures and perspective to construct works that reveal the stories and textures of our daily lives.

Ayo & Oni Oshodi
Ayo & Oni Oshodi stage a new parade of games, soundworks, collage and text. They embrace coded, contradictory positions and aesthetics to conjure a sense of multiple-selves.

Kadie Salmon
Kadie Salmon re-constructs romanticised tableaux through photography, made-models and sculpture. Her own image often haunts her work, evoking enigmatic private fantasies.

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