Fredrik Sven Knut Andersson – Kill the winner

Fri 23 Oct 2020 - Sat 19 Dec 2020

Fredrik Sven Knut Andersson – Kill the Winner

New Art Projects
Fredrik Andersson
He Loves Me Now
Glazed Ceramic
45 x 34 cms

We are delighted to welcome Fredrik Andersson back to New Art Projects after his amazing inclusion in our group show “Transformations”. For this solo project we have commissioned Andersson to explore his sculptural ambitions and to present a new and unique set of ceramic works at the gallery. His largest works to date, these pieces represent his commitment to queer culture, and explore themes he has established in his well know comics, posters T-Shirts and planters.

This exhibition explores the semi autobiographical narrative of two gay friends who through their friendship have been are in a constant competition with one another. The competition is one of Love, Sex and Intellect, where their rivalry eventually meets its climax, which also successfully ends their relationship. This piece of work aims to discuss whether or not this game has a winner at all.

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