Lonesome Cowboys from Hell Gallery Gig

Sat 09 Jul 2016 18:30 - 21:00

Frank E. & JK-ee (or Janee if ya lucky) from Lonesome Cowboys from Hell

As a closing night for the Scott Hunt exhibition these low-down Lonesome Cowboys from Hell will sing tales of family strife and cross-country travellin’ life. You’ll soon know what it’s like on the undead side of the tracks!

Performing at 8.00PM

Lonesome Cowboys from Hell are a musical performance group based in London. Led by Calum F Kerr (Frank E the Lonely Woodman) and Timothy J Flitcroft (Blind “Gentleman‟ Jk-ee); they have performed at the Supernormal Festival, Oxfordshire (2012), Courtyard Theatre (2010), The New Art Gallery Walsall (2009) and Tate Britain (2008) as well as numerous even less salubrious dives. They have presented interactive performance ‘retreats’ at ‘Hackney Wick Take-Back’ (2014), Swan Wharf and ‘Chutney Preserves 5’, Camberwell Green (2011). The Lonesome’s always come prepared to brand some living flesh.


For additional information visit: http://www.lonesomecowboysfromhell.com
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