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DETAIL:2016  | 228 x 152 cms 90 x 60 inches  | digital photo tex print

Spring Break LA – The big Excessive Gay Booth curated by Fred Mann

Fri 24 Jan 2020 10:00 - 18:00

The big Excessive Gay Booth curated by Fred Mann

As a gallery owner and curator, from time to time, I have put together shows that deal with the politics of identity. Sexuality and gender might not always be at the forefront of a commercial gallerys programme, at my gallery it certainly has been. Along with race it is something that we discuss constantly when we talk about what we are doing and how and why we do it. New Art Projects has always had a balanced but radical exhibition program which has included a show of new queer self-portraits made by people who identified as male and a large show of commissioned paintings and photographs by gay women artists. The exhibition was curated by a woman and only included women and looked at the female gaze. The gallery has also hosted Fetari, a pop up event of art and performance, that celebrated art by men of colour, curated by two women of colour. We have also hosted a show of contemporary, abstract painting from across Europe by heterosexual white men. So I think it is pretty safe to say we think about addressing race, and gender a lot.

This brings us to the Spring Break theme of EXCESS for their show in LA, and I have taken the opportunity to do something, excessively gay and for this particular outing, work by gay men. The centre piece of my show is a carpet designed by David Hockney for the German company Vorwork. In 1988 Vorwork worked with artists, Hockney, Hadid, Richter and Lichtenstein…. to make artists editions in rug form, and David Hockney’s contribution was an iconic swimming pool. This seemed the perfect piece to represent pleasure in Los Angeles where the artist lived for many years.

PDF of  BOOTH Spring break LA 2020

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