Systems We Have — curated by Hsi-Nong Huang

Thu 13 Jan 2022 - Sat 19 Feb 2022

New Art Projects are delighted to present Systems We Have, a group exhibition curated by Hsi-Nong Huang. This exhibition includes work by Mitch Vowles, India Stanbra, Amba Sayal-Bennett, Janek Nixon, Rachel Mortlock, Maria Mahfooz and Benjamin Fitton and Hsi-Nong Huang.

The exhibition takes its title from Eve Meltzer’s investigation into conceptual art’s relation to structuralist theory. The works included represent a series of interactions between language, identity, process, materials, space, objects the physical and the made.

Systems We have focuses on the concept of honesty; honesty to material, honesty to the process and honesty to time. All of the works included in the show demonstrate a sense of visible process within the artwork itself, grounded in the creation of tangible material relationships within the work. With the idea of collaboration and gathering people into a situation or space in mind, curator Hsi-Nong sees the show as an oeuvre that was activated the date the installation of the works began. When building the works and installing in the physical space, processes within the works began to interconnect further and overlap to create this collaborative space – a social cycle that involved the act of planning, creating, installing and uninstalling.

Maria Mahfooz’s practice is often autobiographical and informed by her identity as a visibly Muslim woman of colour. Her works play on the idea of the ‘other’ within popular culture and the digital realm and interrogate themes of representation, construction and selfhood.

Amba Sayal-Bennett works with drawing, projection and sculptural installation. Her practice explores how agency operates within human and non-human assemblages, from our use of language to materials in her studio.

Rachel Mortlock’s work explores space and built environments and focuses on architectural components and infrastructure. Bringing together building materials and dysfunctional cast objects that emanate familiarity she constructs systems that elude an actual function, and instead create a dialogue between her materials.

Janek Nixon’s practice is an ongoing exploration of the relationship between images and sound. Working with a variety of media, his work primarily results in audio- sculptural work that enacts a form of digital distillation.

Benjamin Fitton is an artist and educator. His artworks use performative interventions, text and impermanent forms of public address to contribute to debates around the politics of presentation, participation and spectatorship. He employs crude physical materials and appropriated objects, images, video and language to stage moments of deep uncertainty about the consequences of making one thing or situation stand-in for another.

India Stanbra works with moving image, installation and sculpture. Exploring entangled ecologies and the presence of technology in the every day, her practice asks how our relationship with the artificial might evolve and adapt.

Mitch Vowles’ work discusses the cultural context of objects. By questioning the status of objects and exploring their implied associations and settings, his work develops a dialogue that reflects upon nostalgia, British identity, masculinity and classism.

Hsi-Nong Huang’s practice creates a dialogue between sculpture, performance and drawing. The social experience is a multi-tool that allows her to bang into different modes of thought whilst interacting with people, and then integrating these elements into her sculpture.