New Art Projects

Zachari Logan – Tales from the Bone Garden

Thu 17 Sep 2020 - Sat 24 Oct 2020
New Art Projects
Wildman Poses As A Caryatid
pastel on blue paper
127 x 203.2cms
50 x 80 inches

Zachari Logan: Tales from the Bone Garden

We are delighted to announce our third solo show by Canadian Artist Zachari Logan. For this new exhibition he has created new works that fit into two distinct categories. The first is his response to the covid 19 pandemic, he has created a series of beautiful drawings based around the sentence “go back inside”. As part of his considering the impact of the virus, Logan has imagined a “Bone Garden” where his signature wildflowers become combined with skeletons. The second series is a stunning continuation of his “wild man” series and here the wild man is seen involved in shamanic magic, casting spells and holding the delicate balance between man and nature in his furry hands.

Zachari Logan  Tales from the Bone Garden PRICE LIST 2020