Spaces Between Zachari Logan

Thu 06 Sep 2018 - Sat 27 Oct 2018

New Art Projects are delighted to announce our second solo show by Canadian artist Zachari Logan


 Zachari Logan is a contemporary Canadian Artist who explores the intersections between masculinity, identity, memory and place through drawing, and installation. Previous work that relates to Logan’s current practice involved the investigation of his own body as singular site of exploration with real and imagined landscape.

 In recent work, his body remains a catalyst, but is no longer the sole focus of his practice. To acknowledge this rich visual history of his self portraits, the Spaces Between exhibition will be installed around a major drawing from 2010 where the artist is shown standing gazing at the viewer with a single flower in his hand.

 The drawings in Spaces Between are part of a continued exploration of the spaces  represented by wild self seeding gardens. Logan seeks to articulate the landscapes with meaning and perception, memory and the queer body. The roadside ditch containing wild flower species remains a metaphor for sites of resistance to monoculture and conformity, and the cultivated garden is represented as a collaborative effort, as an amalgamation of the wild impulse and human desire.

 Logans “In-Between” Series (1-12) and his ditches of wild flowers are defined by human intervention of roads and industrial farming in to the landscape. Wilder rural areas intersect with images sourced from both civic and private gardens and are realised almost exclusively in blue, as fine pencil drawings on mylar, a colour he associates with melancholy.

 Rather than creating pictures defined conventionally by four sides, the informal composition of these new works is without borders. The edges of these drawings are amorphous, cloud-like, and in some cases vaporous, suggest the conjuring of a memory or dream. The expansive white areas of the mylar around them become an important feature of the drawings, and are also a defining reference to the body; as what is left out or forgotten by the mind is an equally important aspect of the process of experiencing the world. 

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