Brian Paumier
Resides in Oxnard California

Brian Paumier’s work is profoundly autobiographical. He maps his eclectic personal history through portraits and still life. He draws freely from his memories of influential family and friends, Mexican culture and traditions and his experiences as a soldier and life as an artist  growing up in Oxnard, California. Balancing extremes and exposing rituals he celebrates the essence of culture in … <
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Charles Williams

Born in Evanston, Illinois, Charles Williams is a British artist who lives in semi-reclusion in a small town in rural Kent and was a founder member of the notorious Stuckist art movement. Some of the works included in this London show were also featured in our booth at SPRING/BREAK Art Fair, Los Angeles in early … <
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Kadie Salmon
Resides in London

  Kadie Salmon is a visual artist based in London, UK. She graduated with an MFA from Edinburgh College of Art in 2009. Her practice utilises a variety of media, but she often uses photography at some stage in the creation of her work. Frequently she draws on notions of romance and eroticism, both historical … <
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