Matthew McCaslin

For more than thirty years, Mathew McCaslin has been travelling and creating site-specific art.  His work is exciting and often unsettling. Electricity is the central material, with which he paints landscapes, both physically and metaphorically. He uses electricity in its rawest form, as a source of light. His pure light digs deep into our emotions and creates endless environments. His calm, beautiful and thoughtful sculptures are unsettling and almost alien. They draw us into a world of infinite possibilities, that is beyond what we know and are comfortable with.

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Born 1957 in Bayshore, NY
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY
1981 B.F.A., Parsons School of Design, New York

Solo Exhibitions
2013 What Goes on in my Mind, Le Consortium, Dijon, France
2011 On the Corner of 5th and Main Galerie Triple V , Paris France
2009 Crossroads, Gering Lopez Gallery
2008 Chance Discovery, Brandstrom Galleri, Stockholm, Sweden
The World is Turning, Fred Mann Gallery, London
2007 Multiples, Galerie de Multiples, Paris, France
Electric Painting, Galerie Scmidt MacZollek, Cologne, Germany
2006 Galeria Javier Lopez, Madrid, Spain
Sima Galerie, Nurnberg, Germany
2005 Sandra Gering Gallery, New York
Flying, Evelyne Canus Gallery, Basel, Switzerland
2004 Sleepwalking on the 27th Floor, Museum of Modern Art, St. Etienne, France
Adrift, Feigen Contemporary, New York
Winter Light, Socrates Sculpture Park, New York
2003 New Science, Galeria Javier Lopez, Madrid, Spain
Electric Circus, Galerie Friedrich, Basel Switzerland (with Kay Rosen)
2002 La Salle de Bains, Lyon, France
Sandra Gering, New York, NY
Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Velan Centro d'arte Contemporanea, Turin, Italy
Galerie Javier Lopez, Madrid, Spain
2000 Matthew McCaslin Mixed Metaphors, Atrium Gallery, University of CT, Storrs,CT, curated by Saul Ostrow
C+M Gagllery, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Galerie Rolf Ricke, Cologne, Germany
Galerie Evelyne Canus, Paris France
Sima Gallery, Nuremberg, Germany
1999 Feigen Contemporary,New York
Galerie Javier Lopez, Madrid, Spain
Kunstbunker, Munich, Germany
Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
1998 Works - Sites, Kunstverein St. Gallen Kunstmuseum;
Orange County Museum of Art, Newport Beach, CA;
Galerie fur Zeitgen sische Kunst Leipzig;
Kunstverein Freiburg im Marienbad, Freiburg
Feigen Contemporary, New York
Sandra Gering, New York
1997 Real Artways, Hartford, CT
Baumgartner Gallery, Washington, D.C.
1996 Knstlerhaus Palais Thurn und Taxis, Bregenz, Austria
Galerie Erika & Otta Frieddrich, Bern, Switzerland
Concentrations 28, Matthew McCaslin, Dallas Museum of Art
Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
1996 Galeria Massimo Minini, Brescia, Italy
Collision Created by Feigen, Inc. of Boredom and Meditation, Ateliers d'artistes de la Ville de Marseille, France
Baxter Gallery, Maine College of Art, Portland, ME
Currents 65, St. Louis Art Museum, St. Louis, MO
Harnessing Nature, Whitney Museum of American Art, NY, NY
1708 Gallery, Richmond, VA
Time Machine, Galerie Anselm Dreher, Berlin, Germany
1995 Baumgartner Gallery, Washington, D.C.
Sima Gallery, Nuremberg, Germany
Bloomer, Michael Klein Gallery, New York, NY
Galerie Rolf Ricke, Cologne, Germany
1994 Sprengel Museum, Hannover, Germany
Kunstverein, Munster, Germany
Franz Paludetto Gallery, Turin, Italy
Feigen, Inc., Chicago, IL
1993 Daniel Newburg Gallery, New York, NY
Chisenhale Gallery, London, UK
Damage Total, Postmasters Gallery, New York, NY
Nature's Ways, Galerie Rodolphe Janssen, Bruxelles, Belgium
Steve Di Benedetto & Matthew McCaslin, Gallery Jurgen Becker, Hamburg, Germany
Castello di Rivara, Rivara, Italy
1992 The Museum of Modern Art, (Projects 33), New York, NY
Daniel Weinberg Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Art and Public, Geneva, Switzerland
Rolf Ricke Gallery, Cologne, Germany
Le Consortium, Centre d'Art Contemporain, Dijon, France
Daniel Weinberg Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Feigen, Inc., Chicago, IL
1991 Daniel Newburg Gallery, New York, NY
Anthony Reynolds Gallery, London, UK
Galerie Jennifer Flay, Paris, France
1989 Landscapes of the in between, Daniel Newburg Gallery, New York, NY
Matthew McCaslin & Steve Di Benedetto, Daniel Newburg Gallery, NY, NY
1987 Bess Cutler Gallery, New York, NY
1982 Animals, Red Bar, New York, NY

Awards and Residencies
2013 Fountainhead Foundation Residency

2008 Gottlieb Foundation Award


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