Fergus Hare 2020

Fri 23 Oct 2020 - Sat 19 Dec 2020

Fergus Hare 2020

During 2020 many artists’ circumstances have changed, and this is also true for Fergus Hare, during the last year his studio time has been affected in the same way as for many artists. He has had his children at home, and the lockdowns have meant that trips made by the family have been cancelled. The show also contains some very domestic works, family scenes and images of life at home that have caught his eye.

In addition he has however managed to produce a stunning body of new works, centred around his home in Sussex, as the local beach and the South Downs have remained accessible through out. The resulting paintings contain some of Hares’ signature themes, sunsets over the hills, trees silhouetted against a twilight sky, and gardens.

 These are shown alongside a new series of works that recall past travels and scenes taken from memory, Fergus Hare has depicted a series of crowd scenes and snowscapes, however he doesn’t place these images geographically or in time. He leaves them open, as each work is very evocative and open to interpretation.

Fergus Hare 2020 PRICE LIST

04 Publication Fergus Hare

Fred Mann and New Art Projects are delighted to launch the fourth of our series of artist publications. This fully illustrated beautiful book documents  the work of Fergus Hare. We are very grateful Jenny Uglow for her supporting essay.

As many of you know during lockdown my gallery has endeavoured to support artists by creating high quality publications, that really increase the understanding of what makes these artists so great. I am therefore excited today to launch a career monograph on Fergus Hare which is as always free to read and enjoy. Thanks to CHK design for the beautiful work.

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