James Tuitt


with essays by Paul Mendez and James Vittorio


The publication includes work from our recent exhibition ??? ????? of Tuitt’s work and is accompanied by an essay from the incredible Black British writer Paul Mendez, author of Rainbow Milk and curator Vittorio Ricchetti.

“James’s paintings posit ecstatic Black women as dominant figures in idealised, minimal, neo-classical utopias distinguished by glowing, air-light colours and the bold geometric shapes of 1980s MTV. It is as if these women settled their own lands, and created their own senses of freedom and empowerment within them; it is what, in the Jamaican poet Louise Bennett-Coverley’s words, “colonisation in reverse” would have looked like if driven by Black models taking a little bit of Europe for themselves, in a parallel universe unscarred by a transatlantic slave trade.” – Paul Mendez