Kadie Salmon and TALWYST

Thu 31 Aug 2017 - Sat 28 Oct 2017

Kadie Salmon is a visual artist based in London, UK. She graduated with an MFA from Edinburgh College of Art in 2009. Her practice utilises a variety of media, but she often uses photography at some stage in the creation of her work. Frequently she draws on notions of romance and eroticism, both historical and contemporary as a key concept of her work.

Roof Top


Talwst is a Canadian-Trinidadian artist working in mixed media and performance practices. He is currently engaged in his ongoing and prolific infinity series of miniature dioramas in reclaimed ring boxes. An exploration across cultures and time periods,through these works Talwst aims to draw attention to absent or misinterpreted narratives, suggest the non-linear complexities of history, and explore relationships between cultures. He has produced a number of sub series in this format that focus on themes such as inserting marginalized narratives into art history and drawing parallels between disparate cultural histories.Shunga Shunga