Thank you to those that attended the 49 Flowers Project

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We would very much like to thank all those that took part in the 49 flowers project on the weekend of Sat 19 Nov 2016 – Sun 20 Nov 2016.  And especially to Attitude Magazine for their support. Especially of course or thanks to Zachari for hosting such a beautiful two days and sitting for hours to draw such stunning flowers.

The flowers are now installed in the gallery and make up a wreath in commemoration of the 49 people that lost their lives in the Orlando club shootings of 2016.

The names of the incredible people that were kind enough to give their time  and took part by holding a flower as it was drawn by Zachari  are listed blow.

Robin Footitt – Hanno Erik Hinklebein – Erin Lawler – Daniel Tyninski – Pauline Taylor – Novak Ivanovic – Klaus Breuker – Jason Malloy – Andrew Bryat – John Barton – Keefe Wagstaff – Sitron – James Bonnor – Kadie Salmon – Debianne O’Donnovan – Ruth Craven – Julia Casson – Jason Love – Manfredi della Gherardesca – Jo Hutchinson – Aron Ellis – Tim Hutchinson – Rory Boyle – Catherine Mann – Anthony Pickersgill – Michael White – Cosimo Matteini  – Allesandro Paiano