Zachari Logan Artist talk Manitoba

Zachari Logan has been extremely busy as visiting artist and lecturer at the University of Manitoba

Visiting Artist Speaker Series

Co-Produced with Brandon University Visual and Aboriginal Arts Department

Zachari Logan | Artist Talk
Monday, February 13, 2017 | 7:30PM
Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba

Zachari Logan is a Saskatoon based artist working in large-scale drawing and ceramic sculpture. Logan’s meticulously executed works quote freely from art historical references, including still life, decorative arts, tapestry, and scientific illustration. Engaging in a dialogue around masculinity and queer narratives, he re-wilds the body as a queer embodiment of nature and a site of intersections of masculinity, identity, memory, and place. He holds an MFA from University of Saskatchewan and has exhibited extensively and participated in residencies throughout Canada and abroad.

The Visiting Artist series is made possible by The Whitehead Foundation.