New Art Projects are delighted to announce the launch of the third in our series of free online artists publications. This is to accompany Zachari Logan’s exhibition at the gallery – Tales from the Bone Garden.
Forward by Fred Mann, essays by Giovanni Aloi and Mark Pilkington.

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For his third exhibition at New Art Projects, Canadian artist Zachari Logan pictures the character of the “Wildman”. Among the 11 new drawings in this show, seven relate to this figure and his actions in a fictitious garden. Logan is concerned with the process of the re-wilding of the human form, mutating it into flora, fauna or fully transformed; as symbolic of a new magical state. He uses these transformations as a metaphor for queerness.
Exhibition open Thursday-Friday 12.00-5.00pm, or by appointment.
Zachari Logan and New Art Projects would like to thank CHK Design and Giovanni Aloi and Mark Pilkington for their brilliant essay contributions.
With generous support from the Canadian High Commission.