Kadie Salmon Stange Loop Gallery EX14 in Dresden

Fri 01 Apr 2016 - Thu 07 Apr 2016

Captain Lightfoot is an artist collective set up in 2012 by Emma Pratt (based in Edinburgh), Anneli Holmstrom (based in Finland) and Kadie Salmon (based in London).

Having met in Edinburgh during a Masters degree the artists were brought together by their interest in narrative and symbolism in visual art and their desire to instigate evolving exhibitions and projects that explore these concepts out with their own practice; in relation to curating and the experience and role of the viewer.

 The collective have a particular interest in how the viewer can be led through an exhibition and experience art work in an ‘unconventional’ gallery space; often explorating how an artwork can stand by itself as a self-contained object whilst simultaneously absorbing, and playing with or against the distinct characters and essence of the building it occupies.

For additional information visit: http://www.captainlightfoot.co.uk/