Marcus Lyall – Scream the House Down

Tue 09 Jun 2020 - Sat 11 Jul 2020

New Art Projects and Illuminate Productions Present

Marcus Lyall – Scream the House Down

A socially-distanced art installation

In this new site-specific work, Lyall invites you to join a Zoom call where you can scream, yell, shout or otherwise vocalise your feelings.  You will see a huge light installation in a building in Southwark that instantly lights up in response to your voice. The louder and longer your outburst, the bigger the response from the building. The building interprets every voice and scream differently, to create a unique response for each guest.

You can participate using any device that supports the Zoom app. Please scream responsibility.

You can also submit short films of your scream via email at [email protected]

Screams will be played  to the building each night and the results posted the next day on the Scream The House Down Youtube channel. The artwork is designed as a safe and constructive excuse for people to release their inner tension. ‘Primal Scream therapy’ has long been investigated as beneficial for psychological issues such as depression and anxiety. While the artist makes no medical claims, a long and loud shout may be a good way to relieve inner tensions.

The artwork uses thousands of low-energy LED lights and has been created using available materials from previous artworks. The installation process followed social distancing guidelines, with a small team of volunteers working on different floors.

Marcus Lyall says:

‘I created the artwork as a place to direct your frustrations and tensions, without judgement and without affecting the people around you. I’ve used a building as a canvas to give those feelings a sense of scale.’

Caroline Jones, creative director of Illuminate Productions, says:

‘Lockdown is a huge challenge for everyone in the arts community. Despite the COVID crisis, we’re aiming to continue producing relevant art projects that engage the public. Through this project, we’re exploring ways to bring artworks to new audiences and find ways to use the transformed environment.’

All Zoom calls will be recorded for artistic purposes and may be used by the artist to develop future installations.

This installation is produced by not-for-profit arts organisation Illuminate Productions, in partnership with New Art Projects and Nursery Theatre.

The project has been made possible thanks to individuals, organisations and companies that have generously given their time, resources and support including; 

Southwark Square, PRG, Geraghty Taylor, Venue Group and the National Lottery through Arts Council England.