Kadie Salmon LKV(Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder) residency

Kadie has just completed a 6 week residency at LKV(Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder). Whilst there, she completed a grid work collection of hand coloured laser prints. The colour study work is mixed media- hand coloured wood and laser prints. These works and others made earlier this year were supported by The Eaton Fund. Whilst in Trondheim she took a large series of black and white medium format photographs. Kadie is going to  spend the next few months printing these and hand colouring them using the photo oil technique she has been working with, as well as developing more grid works.
We are also very pleased to anounce that she has also been  offered a place on The Florence Trust residency programme- so will finally have a studio to do it!
 Colour Study (detail)Blue Grey (detail)
Blue Grey (detail 2)2.Kadie Salmon_Blue Grey (Grid) 2016Colour Study