Andrew and Eden Kötting – Excuse me, can you help me? I’m terribly worried

Thu 09 Jun 2022 - Sat 30 Jul 2022


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New Art Projects are delighted to present ‘Excuse me, Can you help me? I’m terribly worried’, a show from Andrew and Eden Kötting. Andrew Kötting and his daughter Eden have been collaborating for over 25 years. Their first feature film together, Gallivant won several prizes when it was released in 1996 and since then they have been involved in numerous projects, from paintings, performances, installations, exhibitions, bookworks and more recently animated films.

“They make art as they breathe, hard and fast and memorable; paintings, postcards, installations, rants, poems and freewheeling film ‘songs’…. Eden ventriloquizes her father to provide the written text for her drawings and paintings that are already replete with meaning…. she provides a commentary and series of foot-notes for the Grand Projects that her father is undertaking…. An agenda or appendix in a different form and much truer or closer to the original sign makings and drawings on the walls of caves….”
Iain Sinclair

In 2002 they collaborated with Dr Mark Lythgoe on the multi-media Welcome Trust SciArt project Mapping Perception. In 2005 they moved to St Leonards-on-Sea where Eden further developed her drawing and painting skills. In 2006 her work was chosen to be part of a group show at Tate Modern organised by Project Art Works (an artist led organisation that works with people who have complex needs and with which Andrew is an associate artist).

In 2007 Andrew made a short film about swimming the channel, Offshore Gallivant in which Eden worked on the voice-over with the writer and film-maker Iain Sinclair. In 2009 they presented Off Ground He together, a series of drawings, photographs and film loops for installations at both Le Fresnoy in France and then for F-ISH Gallery in Hastings.

In 2014 they worked with Iain Sinclair, Toby Jones and Alan Moore on a multi-media art project; By Our Selves, commissioned by Arts Council England and distributed throughout the UK and Ireland by Soda Pictures.

In 2015 along with the animator Glenn Whiting, they were commissioned by Channel 4 to make a short animated film, All In The Mind, using Eden’s drawings and collages as a springboard and in 2017 they had an exhibition at HOME in Manchester of their drawings, paintings and collages to coincide with the release of their short animated film, Forgotten The Queen, which was again made in collaboration with Glenn Whiting.

Andrew Kötting was born in 1959 and grew up in South East London. Eden was born in 1988 and also grew up in South East London, however she inherited a rare genetic disorder, Joubert Syndrome, which means that she is severely disabled. Despite Eden’s disability the father/daughter collaborations have resulted in exhibitions of their work at Towner in Eastbourne, HOME in Manchester, Hayward Gallery, The NFT and The Barbican in London, Blackshed in Robertsbridge, Claremont Studios and F-ISH Gallery in Hastings, Le Fresnoy in France and ICA in Switzerland.

Eden Kötting is presently part of the Wednesday Mentoring Group at Project Artworks who were short listed for the Turner Prize in 2021. Andrew and Eden share studios in both St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex and at Louyre in the forests of the French Pyrenees.